PEACE PIECE is the next print to be released. Three variants are available. Sun edition of 30, Vermilion edition of 30 and Stone edition of 12. 

Price TBA. One per customer. Sales tax is included. Domestic shipping is free. All international orders must purchase $25 international shipping.

Please check back, PEACE PIECE is releasing soon.

Artist's statement:
"These new prints were made recently around the same time as the birth of my first child, and I'd like to think of them as marking the occasion. The title comes from one of my favorite songs, the sublime Bill Evans jazz composition of the same name recorded in 1958.
In the midst of so many challenges, injustices, tragedies, and conflicts facing us these days, this artwork is a simple visual expression of love, serenity, gratitude, and most especially of a desire for a better world, looking towards a brighter future."